About Me


My inspiration to be a blacksmith came from reading Alex Bealer’s book “The Art of Blacksmithing”.

In the summer of 1982 I met a blacksmith who had taken a weekend class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. Before the next spring, and before I had even taken my first class, we had built a blacksmith shop and outfitted it with a borrowed anvil, forge and a few tools.

My first class was a revaluation. Drawing on all the skills I had acquired in pre-blacksmithing I was able to taking a material that is unmovable apply heat, hammer and anvil  and transforming it into a useful tool or create a life-like object. Blacksmithing was and is a perfect life-fit for me.

I started working fulltime, selling my work at craft shows, malls then at galleries and juried art shows. After 4 more 2-week class and three more years of full time forging and reading, I was ready to teach a basic beginners blacksmithing class at John C. Campbell and have continued today to teach a sculpture class. In 1990 we moved from Southwest Michigan to Brasstown, North Carolina, were we are still living and work .

The past 33 years have passed swiftly, always learning new methods and enjoying the creative process. My work now is solely commission work, I work with individuals, committees, organizations, and groups, creating site-specific functional and non-functional art.  I have worked with professional and nonprofessional designers, of architecture, landscape, interiors, builders business, church groups and committees large and small. Each project is important and unique, using the client’s view and my years of experience to design and sculpt a project that is totally one of a kind.